It’s the Quantum Leap that Elon Musk Promised

Tesla FSD Beta visualisation (image source)

Tesla’s beta version of their Full Self Driving (FSD) software has been released to a small number of people and it’s mind-blowing!

This release gives us a glimpse at the (FSD) rewrite that Tesla has been working on in the last year or so. The aim of this limited beta is to prove the FSD package is safe enough to roll out to a larger audience.

Just before this release, I wrote an article detailing what Tesla has been working on and how this release was going to be a “quantum leap”.

Honestly, I think they’ve lived up to the…

And Here’s How They’re Going To Do It

Tesla Full self-driving computer vision (Image source)

I’ve had my Tesla Model 3 for almost a year now and I purchased it with the Full Self-Driving (FSD) optional extra. At the time, this optional extra provided some self-driving features, but the car was far from driving me from A to B without human intervention. What I essentially bought was the promise of FSD in the future.

I, along with many others, believe that promise will soon be delivered and not just because Elon said so.

Elon Musk Tweet Stating FSD Quantum Leap

The new FSD re-write will soon begin its beta release. A few “safe” drivers who…

Make way for data engineers

A fossilised dinosaur skeleton in a museum
A fossilised dinosaur skeleton in a museum
Photo by Arseny Togulev on Unsplash

Data science has been a hot topic in the data space for a number of years now but starting in 2019, data scientist salaries have shrunk 1.2% year-on-year, mainly due to oversaturation in the market.

It has become too popular. The tools and techniques have been abstracted enough now that non-data-scientists can get a good chunk of the job done without a heavy data science background.

Conversely, “Data Engineer” remains the top tech job, with an 88.3% increase in postings over the past twelve months (again, reported in 2019). …

Building an online marketplace to demonstrate the differences

Photo by James Harrison on Unsplash

Elasticsearch has long been used for a wide variety of real-time analytics use cases, including log storage and analysis and search applications. The reason it’s so popular is because of how it indexes data so it’s efficient for search. However, this comes with a cost in that joining documents is less efficient.

There are ways to build relationships in Elasticsearch documents, most common are: nested objects, parent-child joins, and application side joins. Each of these has different use cases and drawbacks versus the natural SQL joining approach that is provided by technologies like Rockset.

In this post, I’ll talk through…

An overview of all the basics of Data Engineering

Photo by Pakata Goh on Unsplash

Data Engineering is one of the fastest-growing job roles and this should be no surprise. Data Science is in high demand and businesses have quickly found that having engineers to aid the scientists provides faster results.

The data footprint of many organisations these days is huge. Data is being absorbed from many different sources in a myriad of formats. This dirty data wreaks havoc for analysts and data scientists whose core role is to extract models and insights.

This is why data engineer job roles are booming as they can help reduce this burden. …

Balancing how data improves and deteriorates our online experiences

Image by Joey Klarenbeek (source)

We’re growing more and more conscious of how we are being exploited through social media and advertisements that use your data to increase their bottom line.

It’s no surprise then that the market share for VPN’s (Virtual Private Networks) is forecast to grow almost three times in the next 6 years from $25 billion to $70 billion. As people grow more conscious of their data footprint, solutions to prevent “big brother” from spying on their every move will only become more popular.

So what is it that companies are doing that we should be so scared of? Is there any…

Will it fit in garages, parking spaces, and on roads?

Tesla Cybertruck dimensions (image source)

With deliveries in the States poised for late 2021 and reservations being possible here in the UK too, I was curious whether the dimensions of the Cybertruck would be practical in day to day life here in the UK.

As you may be aware, here in the UK our roads tend to be narrower especially within city centres and the number of people with trucks is significantly lower than in the US.

So how well will Cybertruck do here in the UK given our lack of thirst for trucks and our narrower streets?

Driving A Cybertruck

Most roads in the UK are plenty…

And no, I didn’t learn to speed read.

Photo by Kinga Cichewicz on Unsplash

Reading is fantastic for the mind in many ways. It’s been scientifically proven to increase intelligence and empathy and help fight Alzheimer's disease. You can read to help wind down after a stressful day and you’ll probably find you sleep much better for it.

The one problem I’ve always had with reading is finding time to read more. I read every night to settle my brain and induce sleep but find that it never feels “enough”.

Well in 2020 I found a way to increase my throughput without compromising on reading quality…

Everything that’s changed in the last few weeks and where it’s heading next

Tesla FSD Beta Visualisation (image source)

Tesla’s Full Self Driving (FSD) Beta has been out for over a month now and has been tested by a small number of “tesla certified safe” drivers before gradually being added to a few more drivers.

This post will recap what we’ve seen so far, especially what has improved in the most recent updates. We’ll also look into what happens next and when we’re likely to see a more widespread rollout within the US and elsewhere too.

How is the FSD Beta Doing?

Before being released, all we really had to go on was the current public state of Autopilot and the “FSD” features that already…

I made 4 times more this month by simply writing more articles

writing more earns you more money (image source)

Read any post about making more money on Medium and I guarantee the most frequent advice you will receive is to write more. As a firm believer in the scientific method, I thought I’d give this a shot.

I’ll break down my stats and earnings from before and after I started writing more frequently and dive into the reasons why this simple piece of advice works.

Spoiler alert: writing more definitely works.

Stats BEFORE I Started Writing More Frequently

I started writing on Medium back in December 2016. I was fairly sporadic with my writing, some months writing a lot, others not writing at all. …

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